Prep and Inspection Services

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Carton - Receive & Forward (Required on all orders)

Amazon Fast Inspect Goods receives your shipment and provides a quick case packaging inspection, including case counts, weights, and dimensions of your outgoing shipment. We then apply your shipping labels, load your shipment to depart from our preparation center, and provide outgoing-confirmation correspondence in regards to your Amazon-bound shipment.


Container - Receive and Unload (Required on all containers)

Amazon Fast Inspect Goods receives your full container at our warehouse and unloads all cartons.

$350/20' container $600/>20' container

Open Package Product Inspection

If your product has multiple items within the packaging, we have a great inspection service for you! We’ll carefully open and inspect the inside of the packaging of each unit to confirm your product matches what you ordered from your supplier.


Product Testing Inspection

Our highest level of inspection! We’ll test every one of your products to make sure they are in good working condition prior to reaching Amazon.

from $1.00/unit


Amazon Fast Inspect Goods provides a quick pallet inspection to determine if pallets are in compliance with Amazon's standards, labels your cartons, wraps your pallets, applies shipping labels, schedules your LTL shipment, loads your shipment into the LTL receiving carrier to depart from our preparation center, and provides all correspondence in regards to your shipment. We work with each individual order to ensure your products meet the specifications your manufacturer and shipper have documented.

$15.00/pallet palletized


If your shipment does not arrive on Amazon-approved pallets and you would like to ship LTL, we will provide the appropriate pallets.


FNSKU Labeling

Each unit you send to Amazon for fulfillment needs a unique scannable barcode to enable storage at a fulfillment center. If you have barcode on a unit that is not unique (for example, if you have the same barcode for an product that comes in many colors or sizes) you need to apply a unique FNSKU label printed from your Seller Central account.



We will perform open package product inspection on each unit while inserting a marketing insert, additional product into the box your unit came in, or more.

Cost of insert printing not included in price.


Poly Bags for a Single Item

Amazon requires poly bags for certain items. We’ll help to make sure your products comply.


Poly Bags and Bundling for Multiple Items

Amazon requires poly bags for certain items. We’ll help to make sure your products comply.


Suffocation Labeling

Each poly bagged unit you send to Amazon for fulfillment must meet the following requirement: Poly bags with a 5″ opening or larger (measured when flat) are required to have a suffocation warning, either printed on the bag itself, or attached as a label.


‘This is a Set. Do Not Separate’ Labeling

Units that are sets must be marked as sets on their packaging. We’ll add a label to the Unit that states: “This is a set. Do not separate.”


Re-packaging (Per Unit)

We will remove your products from their current packaging, if any, and insert them into new boxes or packaging that you provide.


Re-boxing (Per Carton)

If your cartons are received at our warehouse damaged or over-sized, we will put all of your units into new master cartons. You will be notified once your product arrives at our warehouse if your products require re-boxing. ”


Amazon Account Manager

We offer an account manager service, where you create a user account for us through Seller Central that only has privileges to create shipments and shipping labels. When your goods arrive, we will take care of creating the shipment in Seller Central, printing the labels, and releasing the goods to UPS or an LTL carrier for you. The $50 fee is a one time setup fee, and is included free in TurnKey orders.


Minimum total order amount: $300.00

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