Tips for Holiday Sales Success

Dec 09,2018

Amazon sales are always expected to rise during the fourth quarter, which is a great opportunity for Amazon sellers to increase their revenue. Last year, Amazon sales increased by 22% during the fourth quarter and they are expected to do the same during Q4 of 2018. (more…)

Amazon’s Free Removal Special and What It Means for You

Nov 14,2018

Amazon is getting prepared for the holidays in a big way. Yesterday, Amazon notified sellers that they will offer completely free removal of any of your products for a limited time. Amazon frequently offers free removal from their warehouse throughout the year, although the “free” offer comes with some costly consequences for some customers. (more…)

Product Sourcing and the “Next Big Thing”

Oct 10,2018

Every entrepreneur has, in one point in their life, wondered if their idea was worth pursuing. The act of creating, running, and maintaining a business is a long journey -- A journey that no doubt has its positives, but will also be full of time, effort, exhaustion, hardship, and in some cases even grief. Before you decide to take the big leap with your idea, it would be beneficial to see if people would even want it in the (more…)

Amazon Sellers: How to Prepare for Q4 Success

Sep 03,2018

Mention fourth quarter to any Amazon seller and it has the potential to bring about feelings of anxiety and apprehension. In reality, you should be incredibly excited about the potential for amazing profits because Q4 is one of the most exhilarating times of the year. If you follow this simple guide, we will help you plan for success with your Amazon sales through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond.(more…)

Your Amazon Product Page: Make It or Break It

Aug 09, 2018

You can play around with search engines all you want, pay for advertisement, and attract millions of web surfers, but you will never make a sale unless your Amazon product page appeals to the end user. We’ve seen it over and over again - People who have great products, but do not put enough effort into their page.(more…)

Dates Amazon Sellers Need to Know: September 30 & October 28

Jul 11, 2018

Do the months of September and October ring any alarm bells in your head? No? Let us explain…. It’s almost Q4, which means it’s almost the holidays. All products you would like in stock for Black Friday and Cyber Monday need to be shipped by: (more…)